Patricia Parker

I do not think there is any
thrill that can go
through the human heart like
that felt by the
inventor as he sees some
creation of the brain
unfolding to success . . .
Such emotions make a man
forget food, sleep, friends,
love, everything.

-– Nikola Tesla


Lawrence Technological University

Bachelors in Computer Science

Tech Talent South

Full-Time Programming Bootcamp

General Assembly

Web Design Certificate

Visual Design

Front-End Web Development

WordPress Development

Skill Set

SQL/Database Design
Data Analytics/Machine Learning


Underscores WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme made using Underscores Theme.

portfolio site

Faith E-commerce Site

Responsive Website written in HTML, CSS, and jQuery

Fake News Bootstrap

Fake News

Website built using Bootstrap framework.

D3 JavaScript Website

D3 JavaScript Site

D3 and JavaScript Covid-19 Json data


Congratulations Patricia on
working (on) another
exciting website.
Anyone who hires you
to whip up
webpages with the
panache and pizzaz
and of course
professionalism you
provide would
certainly be well

-- James Papademas