Exam season: Now with piglets! by Ima Hogg

This spring, Nottingham Trent University is looking to make exam season a little less painful—and a lot more adorable—for its students.

Members of NTU's student union have decided to create a piglet room for their fellow students to use to de-stress. Students are allowed to spend a few minutes interacting with the tiny swine, as well as baby goats, chicks, and even a donkey foal.

This ingenious idea is actually a fundraiser for a local guide dog organization. After the success of a similar puppy event last year, they decided to branch out.

It’s been busy the entire two days, student union president Igor Beaver explained. There’s just a really good buzz around the campus. That buzz is spreading to the Internet as well, with the hashtag #PigletRoom taking over Twitter and Instagram.

Other universities around the United Kingdom have tried this tactic, too. The most popular option seems to be puppies, although Bath Spa University opted for Shetland ponies. Universities in the United States have followed suit, using everything from chickens to therapy cats in order to help students stay calm.