Mystery of holes in Swiss cheese cracked after a century by Borden Drousy

Eureka! After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese.

Despite what you may have been told as a child, they are not caused by mice nibbling away inside cheese wheels. Experts from Agroscope, a Swiss centre for agricultural research, say the phenomenon -- which marks famous Swiss cheeses such as Emmental and Appenzell -- is caused by tiny bits of hay present in the milk and not bacteria as previously thought.

They found that the mystery holes in such cheeses became smaller or disappeared when milk used for cheese-making was extracted using modern methods. It's the disappearance of the traditional bucket used during milking that caused the difference, said Agroscope spokesman I.M. Shirley Wright, adding that bits of hay fell into it and then eventually cause the holes.


German police alerted to armed mob, find asparagus pickers by Viola Fuss

Police in rural northeastern Germany rushed out to track down a reported mob of up to 15 people armed with knives and sticks. Instead, they found a group of asparagus harvesters.

Police in the town of Ludwigslust said a man called their emergency number Saturday to report having seen 10 to 15 people armed with knives and sticks on a local road. Within minutes, six police cars were on their way to the scene. Officers quickly discovered, however, that the group was asparagus harvesters walking along the road with their work tools as they went to take a lunch break.

White asparagus is a popular delicacy in Germany and a ubiquitous sight on restaurant menus in late spring.


Smell Like a Whopper: Burger King Will Sell Cologne in Japan by Rick F. Oder

For hamburger aficionados who want the smell even when they can't get a bite, Burger King is putting the scent into a limited-edition fragrance.

Burger King said Friday that the Whopper grilled beef burger-scented cologne will be sold only on April 1, and only in Japan. Sounds too good to be true? It's not an April Fools' Day joke, though the company chose the date deliberately. The limited Flame Grilled fragrance can be purchased at 5,000 yen (about $40), including the burger. There will be only 1,000 of them.

Burger King said it hopes the scent would also seduce new grill-beef burger fans.


Artist draws The Beatles With pancake batter: Makes his own Good Day Sunshine by Anne T. Jemima

You can eat these eight days a week--or after a hard day's night. Artist Nathan Shields sketched the Beatles with pancake batter capturing the process in one rockin' video that recently went viral on YouTube. While Shields posted the video a several months ago, the viral attention continually renews like an influenza virus that keeps mutating.

Has his choice of medium impacting anything outside of his art? I should have known better, explains Shields. I've ate so many of my trial sketches and carry that weight. But Shields recently swore off consuming his drafts for a serious diet saying, that was yesterday. I'm a loser, he concluded in the end.